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Lingua Academy by Schoters is an English learning institution that has helped thousands of people study abroad. We are committed to provide a learning environment that supports the improvement of students’ English skills. Our services aim to help students to achieve the expected learning goals.

 Our Happy Students

Schoters is The best IELTS tutoring I’ve ever tried! In the beginning, I didn’t know anything and was guided patiently by tutors. The way of learning is also not boring because all the tutors here are awardees, so I can share about scholarships too. Anyway, two thumbs up for Schoters! I always come back again and again here for other guidance. Thank you Schoters.


Skor IELTS 7.5

Schoters really helped me with my IELTS results, as I wasn’t the best in speaking and writing before. Thanks to the classes I got, I did get satisfactory scores in the end, mainly an improvement on those two sections.


Skor IELTS 8.0

Thank you to Schoters especially Miss Wirda who has helped me study consistently and also helped improve my grades, especially in the reading and writing sections as those are my weaknesses. Because the study group learning is almost every day, it becomes a habit so that I can work on the tasks every day. The tutors are really fun! Remember, the key to a good IELTS score is practice, practice, practice!


Skor IELTS 7.5

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IELTS Preparation

English program with a specific curriculum designed for the IELTS test. Available in a private class with a local or native speaker.

Start from Rp2.599.000

Sahabat IELTS Grouping

Program to prepare for your upcoming IELTS test in a group class. Available in 20 hours of duration.

Start from Rp599.000

Conversation Class Online

A special class designer to improve your conversational skills. Students will practice with a native speaker in a 1-on-1 format.

Start from Rp2.599.000

General English

Introductory English class to help you improve your overall basic English skills, such as vocabulary and grammar.

Start from Rp2.599.000

Perks of being
Lingua Academy Students

Choose Your Own Study Time

With a variety of learning activities, we provide several choices of study hours to ensure that the learning process continues anywhere and anytime. Set your own study time that suits your activities. Choose a time that you feel will support the learning process and make you productive while studying.

Various learning program

Studying one of the sections in IELTS or TOEFL, studying grammar, learning conversation so that you can talk more fluently with foreigners, studying with closest friends, everything has been prepared by Lingua Academy in a choice of programs that you can choose according to your needs. The learning materials are designed to effectively deliver participants to their respective learning objectives.

Systematic learning method

At Lingua Academy, learning methods are used to ensure that participants will be able to absorb the material optimally as well as to track how far the learning stages have been achieved by participants. By those, you will be able to see how far your English skills have improved during and after the learning process.

Professional Tutors

Optimize your English language skills with expert and experienced Lingua Academy tutors. The tutors have also been equipped with the ability to interactively involve participants in the learning process so that they are able to achieve the expected learning objectives.

Simulation Test

Get hands-on experience taking tests. You will get the opportunity to prepare early and analyze what needs to be improved for the real test.

Meet Our Tutors

Ade Purna Nugraha

IELTS: 8.0 | IBT TOEFL: 110
7+ years Experienced

Master graduate of English Language Education – Indonesia University of Education

Adela Zakiyatunnisa

IELTS: 7.5
6+ teaching experienced

Master’s Degree – TESOL – University of Nottingham

Cicilia Deandra Maya Putri

2+ teaching experienced

Master’s Degree – Applied Linguistics – Teaching English as a Foreign Language – University of Groningen

Julkhairi Nasution

9+ teaching experienced

Bachelor’s Degree – English Literature – Universitas Sumatera Utara

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