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Stories of Successful Schoters’ Students

4,000+ students have proven an increase of 1-2 bands in their IELTS score by 3-6 months with IELTS Preparation by Schoters


Overall Score : 6.0 → 8.0

“Being tutored at Schoters was probably the best decision I’ve ever made. The tutors taught and guided me from 0 with a friends-like system and always gave detailed feedback to me. I feel a significant improvement in my writing, which finally increased 3 points from only 3.5 points.”


Overall Score : 6.0 → 7.5

Studying IELTS at Schoters is very effective because it uses a 1 on 1 system with flexible time (it can be in the evenings and weekends as well). The tutors teach in detail using natural words like native speakers.


Overall Score : 4.5 → 6.5

“The program is good, and it helps me study for the IELTS online during my busy schedule. My score from 4.5 band score can go up to 6.5 hehe. Thank you, Schoters!”

Reasons Why You Should Take IELTS Preparation Class by Schoters

Increase Your Target Score (Minimum 1 Band)

Get your best score to be qualified for your dream scholarship intensively and according to the target requirements.

Flexible Schedule and 100% Online

The class will be held 100% online, and you can request schedules and tutors according to your needs. You will be supported by super-complete materials, curriculum, teaching materials, and E-books.

Guaranteed to Pass Your Dream Scholarship’s Requirements

Schoters will provide FREE consultations on your study abroad plans, even from 0, with the awardee of your dream scholarship in person.

24/7 Special Support for You

Schoters will always be ready to help you practice IELTS skills according to your needs. Feel free to request which skills you need to master more deeply

100+ Excellent IELTS Tutors for You

More Than 100 Tutors You Can Choose To Help You Achieve Your Target IELTS Score for Your Dream Scholarship!

Kak Adara

Kak Adara

10+ Years Experience
University of Birmingham
IELTS band score: 7.5

Kak Septian

Kak Septian

9+ Years Experience
McGill University
IELTS band score: 7.0

Kak Ayu

Kak Ayu

1+ Years Experience
University of Leeds
IETLS band score: 7.5

Kak Andri

Kak Andri

1+ Years Experience
University of Leeds
IETLS band score: 7.0

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What is Schoters?

We are an ed-tech start-up that provides various study abroad preparation services, including language guidance (>10 languages), scholarship registration preparation guidance, sworn document translation, notaries, etc.

What is Schoters' Class Like?

Our class system is private (1 on 1) and online (using the G-meet platform) and held at an agreed time between the student and the tutor.

What is The High IELTS Score Guarantee?

We have two different programs, regular and guaranteed-program. The regular program doesn’t give any guarantee, but don’t worry because Schoters will try to open up your opportunities by providing a curriculum that we have researched for 5 years to get an IELTS score >7.0

How do I register for tutoring?

You can click the “Register Now” button at the top of your browser, and you will be directed to fill out a form to connect with a Schoters consultant.

Let’s Boost Your IELTS Score and Get Your Dream Scholarship!